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Twitter has by far become the most widely used social networking platform nowadays and the numbers of applications built around Twitter have also been increasing along with the increase in number of users. If you are regular tweeter the number of comments and discussion regarding your tweets can become pretty long and endless to go through.

news paper information,twitter as a marketing,tech news article was created to help you go through a much organized tweets thread, it organized the links that you share on Twitter in an easy to understand and read newspaper style format, such newspapers can be easily created for any Twitter user, list or even #tag.
The best thing about this service is that you don’t need to be connected to the website and fellow twitters to know what’s happening in their lives, you can simply stay on top of all the updates of the people you follow by using
Anyone who wants to create their own newspapers just needs to sign up for a free account,
Then they can go ahead and create newspapers with their Facebook or Twitter account.
The purpose of creating an account is just for verification purpose, once you are done with creating your account you can go ahead and click on create a newspaper link in the top header to create their first Twitter newspaper., was launched in alpha mode last April, its main purpose is to organize links shared on Twitter into an easy-to-skim page that makes it look like an online newspaper’s homepage.


My personal paper is: Improve Daily .


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