What can we learn from multi millionaire entrepreneurs?

What can we learn from multi millionaire entrepreneurs?.

  1. That change and bumps lay ahead. It is how we deal with them that count.
  2. That it’s important to look after your team, because they will look after you.
  3. That publicity catapults your business.
  4. That collaboration and working in partnership is key. We see this with Richard who has a very strong partnership with his suppliers. Do something you love with people you love and in a way to be proud of.
  5. That making money from your life’s mission is possible. In fact according to Richard, the greatest and most successful business people are lead by their life’s mission. Concentrate on the good your brand can bring rather than concentrating on your profits.
    And remember…
  6. You don’t have to come from money to make money. Michelle comes from a poor/ no qualification background to now running a multi million pound business.
  7. And lastly, do not accept ‘No’ for an answer!

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Winston Churchill once said: Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm. - That's me building an online business.

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