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Achieving Excellence Through Innovation – LEAN Sigma

How are LEAN and Six Sigma related. What are the benefits?

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A Final Note

There is no easy route to success, but by using tried and tested principles and processes and introducing them in a structured and manageable way, sustainable change is possible provided that new behaviors and learning are well embedded into ‘business as usual’. The bottom line is enabling the organization to make it easier to do the new right things, rather than to fall back into old ways of working.

Einstein was accredited to have said; “Make things as simple as possible, but not simpler”, and this was also an important underlying principle in the program. Being able to recognize and develop the new ways of working with the client at the right level of detail, and then build the continuous improvement process that embraced DMAIC Governance, the training program and coaching processes fit for the organization culture was a crucial factor in its success.

What can we learn from multi millionaire entrepreneurs?

What can we learn from multi millionaire entrepreneurs?.

  1. That change and bumps lay ahead. It is how we deal with them that count.
  2. That it’s important to look after your team, because they will look after you.
  3. That publicity catapults your business.
  4. That collaboration and working in partnership is key. We see this with Richard who has a very strong partnership with his suppliers. Do something you love with people you love and in a way to be proud of.
  5. That making money from your life’s mission is possible. In fact according to Richard, the greatest and most successful business people are lead by their life’s mission. Concentrate on the good your brand can bring rather than concentrating on your profits.
    And remember…
  6. You don’t have to come from money to make money. Michelle comes from a poor/ no qualification background to now running a multi million pound business.
  7. And lastly, do not accept ‘No’ for an answer!

How To Be Smart In A Tough Economy

Quote by Sebbatiste: Crack that open Jimmy’ Hilarious, but real words of wisdom here, many tips in such a short video. I’ve seen courses on advertising with less in than this video – Excellent.

Couldn’t have said it better.